Friday, February 19, 2016

Dr. Jart's anytime BB cream

Yep, I bought into the hype and purchased this at my local Sephora. One, because I wanted to see what it was all about and two, because who doesn't want a bit of cover-up in the evening to impress the hubby ! After I clean my face, put on my skincare then use this. It is a weird colored kinda watery serum like consistency. It doesn't have a color in it per se and yet when you apply to the face it gives a subtle tint to the face. It covers redness and lightly covers my sunspots. Color me impressed!

It seems counter-intuitive to place a BB cream on at night however I can see the benefit with the skincare ingredients. Dr. Jart has some impressive albiet pricey products and yet they work. So after 19 years of marriage I still try to impress the hubby and think I will keep applying that little extra.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

Blessings, Sherry