Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Lippie Rewind #lipstickmakesmesmile

#115 Whimsical Fantaste
#120 Whimsical Exuberant

Totally shopped my stash and out these came because they are perfect for this time of the year! Great berry and mauve colors are perfect and am loving rediscovering these!!!

Anyone who has read my blog knows that I am a lipstick junkie. Although I have seen these for some time and have so many lippie products to last until my last breath, I couldn't resist getting a couple of these. Primarily I love these because crayon type lippies are easy to carry, don't need a mirror and are just really fun!

I like bright cheery colors and these 2 are just that. I read somewhere (can't recall where) that a pink lip helps to brighten and make a mature face younger. I am not THAT old LOL but won't pass up the opportunity to lighten and make my face more youthful. These glide on smoothly, are fairly moisturizing and a couple of swipes give a beautiful pop of color. Unfortunately on me they don't last very long and I need to reapply fairly often.

They are available lots of places, I purchased mine at Walgreens. They also have them in matte, yet matte lips for me are a no no. My lips look old, dried out and feel weird :). If I do wear a matte I tend to put a pretty clear gloss over them which totally takes away the whole matte idea!

I do like these better than the Revlon Just Bitten sticks that came out several years ago.

Have you tried these? How do they hold up for you? Leave me a comment and thanks for stopping by my blog! Sherry