Sunday, August 6, 2017

Decluttering Is The Buzzword!

It's oddly satisfying to watch YouTube videos about a makeup stash/collection declutter. Cleaning out the old, unused,  gone bad products  and donating, selling or giving to family and friends.

Some of these videos garner intense opposition. For instance,  people get upset at the perceived waste or the extravagant collections;  while others wish that half the stuff decluttered would magically come their way!

Larger Youtubers are sent whole collections to test, try and review for ad voice as
influencers . They may put duplicates or products that don't suit them in a giveaways to their subscribers.

In a world of ads, commercials and influencers, the product may become entangled in a perceived and sometimes real paid for review but that's another rant/subject! Ultimately,  it's about curbing the impulse to have all the latest and greatest; while using what we have and love in a meaningful way.

Declutters are therefore necessary!
Decluttering can be very hard. I'm speaking from personal experience because when I think of all the hard earned money I've  spent!
This last month, I did a huge makeover and declutter of my beauty room/office. I put on a declutter video from one of my favorite YouTube and got to work. All in all, I was happy with the results. I tossed expired, off smelling products and donated a huge bag of sanitized switched items and sold some languishing items. It felt a bit liberating and I felt lighter.

The temporary pain of the clean out made me realize my rampant consumerism without the actual long term use of a product was showing!

Nope, not going to stop buying or receiving makeup but I  consciously make these decisions based upon each purchase. I feel a bit happier at using some of the things I forgot about in the "new"  flush.

Have you had a declutter?  Do you love watching those videos? Do tell in the comments below.

Blessings,  Sherry