Monday, January 19, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites

#3 Medium

Back in the 80's I purchased my first beautiful tin of Meteorites and fell in love with them. I never repurchased because really it just isn't something that I could justify and use daily. Ladies let me tell you this product is so nice on the vanity and feels like such a present every time I use this on my face. I am careful not to over use these as it can look a bit too shiny but in small amounts it definitely gives a glow to the face that doesn't translate into oil slick or disco ball!

It makes for a lovely gift for that woman who has a luxe love. Sephora also has a LE tin with a bow but they have been sold out and I decided that the current and common tin is just as lovely and the tin will be put to good use after the product has been used up (about 3 years from now:).

Are you one of the ladies that need this in your life? Do tell! Sherry