Friday, December 12, 2014

MAC Holiday Keepsake Kits

MAC Keepsakes Natural Face Kit
MAC Keepsakes Plum Eyes

Yeppers the holiday brings out some of the prettiest and most unnecessary sets and palettes. But you gotta just get a couple, I mean it's a thing! Ha :) The MAC Keepsake Natural Face Kit just screamed at me when I saw it and it was the last one at my Dillards MAC counter so I HAD to get it, right? It has 3 eyesahdows, 2 lip colors, 1 iridescent powder and 1 cream color base. The packaging is adorable with a cameo face (watch the little "pearl" parts around the case though, they are flimsy and may come off easily IMO). The colors are beautiful and wearable. The lippie colors are the only really pigmented products in the kit.

The Plum Eyes kit is easily going to be the most used of the 2 palettes. With my hazel eyes these colors are complimentary and most of these colors have some nice pigmentation with a couple being powdery and having fallout. Last year was the first time I even purchased and used MAC products and I am not disappointed!

These are pretty to pull out of your bag and touch up and make great conversation pieces and MAC definitely knows how to put together collections and unique packaging. SO if you have a girlfriend, family member or even you that loves MAC and love the holiday collections and packaging, then this is for you!

Have you gotten any of the MAC Holiday Keepsake kits? Let me know in the comments :) Thanks for stopping by the blog, Sherry