Sunday, December 28, 2014

Clarins Flash Balm products worth the hype!

Clarins Flash Balm
Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash

I have been using Clarins Flash Balm for about 3 years now and can't imagine not using this product. Whether as a primer, a refreshing brightener during the day or as a mask at night the flash balm really tightens, cools and smoothes the skin with Olive and Witch Hazel. I carry a tube with me to work and love how its pinky colored balm brightens up my face when I am looking a little worse for the wear!

Then I saw the Eye Revive Beauty Flash and decided to purchase it from Dillard's and see how I liked it. I have some serious fine lines and my undereye area gets quite dry during the day. So this little tube joined the Flash Balm in my bag for work and oh ladies it works a treat! A little dab helps to smooth the skin and tighten it and it brightens and moisturizes the area helping me to look a little more refreshed without adding concealers and other products that tend to cake up under my eyes.

Some people aren't at all impressed with the Clarins Flash Balm and don't get the hype. I absolutely do and once I learned how to use the products, I can definitely tell a difference and especially for *ahem older skin these give me a dewy youthful look. And seriously ladies, who doesn't want that?

So have you tried the Clarins Flash Balm? Are you the yay or nay group? Do tell! Sherry