Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Too Faced Melted Metals

Oh yes, the lippie addiction continues! I purchased the regular Melted's and liked them. Great color payoff and they lasted for a bit on me as well as they didn't dry me out to bad. When the Metals came out I had to at least try them. Oh MY! Love them as they also have great color payoff but have a gorgeous shine to them that just pops. I am unable to keep tube lippies in my scrub pockets at work because with menopause (hot flashes) they melt! Seriously not kidding! A tube of color though is safe and able to be in a pocket without getting melted :) and how fun to have a pretty color to use.

I will say though that some of the colors are a tad gritty but still pretty and who doesn't like a purple to wear when you need a color pickup. These rock for real. Have you tried the new Metals? What is your favorite color? Do tell!!

Blessings, Sherry