Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter Glow with Stila and Botanics

Winter is upon us here in Texas and it is easy to look drab and worn out with the sun hiding! I have these 2 products that add a beautiful glow without looking like a sparkly glitter girl. I either put these on after my skincare before my foundation or add some to my foundation. Both work well and I love how it gives me a glow that defies the gloomy weather. Stila's product is a little thicker and a bit more glittery. Botanic's (found at Target) is smooth and much easier to apply (IMO). Either way I love the fresh face it gives me and the compliments I receive because I look more awake make me smile!

What are your favorites for a glowy look this time of year?

As you have seen I have been absent from the internet except for my phone and so glad to have the ability to post! Welcome to the page and stay tuned for more :).

Blessings, Sherry