Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mally beauty products

Top picture:
Mally Prep Poreless Primer
Mally Perfect Prep Poreless Illuminating primer

Middle picture:
Mally Cancellation Concealer with brush

Bottom picture:
Mally Face Defender

When Ulta started carrying Mally Beauty, I spent some time swatching and playing with the products. I was pretty impressed. Then I read up on the brand and products and watched some videos (she's a hoot!) and decided to obtain some pieces that I knew I would use. These are the ones I decided on and am so glad I got them!

Primers have become a must have in my makeup routine and her Prep Poreless Primer was smooth, cooling and very nice to use. I can't say that it made my makeup last any longer but it definitely made the "canvas" easier to work with. Because as we age the luminosity tends to fade, I wanted to use the Illuminating primer and was pleasantly surprised that it gave me a subtle glow to my face under my base. Not too glittery or shimmery and all in all a beautiful primer to add that youthful glow.

The cancellation concealer, along with a setting powder, was a welcome addition. I have some serious genetic under eye circles and this is smooth and easy to use. On a side note my under eye circles have gotten better using Strivectin nightly! Anyway, it is also nice to have a finely milled setting powder so that the concealer does not budge!

Last but certainly not least, the Face Defender is awesome. I can use it right after makeup application to "set" my t-zone and also can use it during the day when I need a "blurring" or "erasing" of my t-zone and pores. I don't like the large compact and the sponge (which works really well) is large and bulky to carry. I know there is a travel size one in a try it kit at Ulta but am not sure I want to get that. The purple tinged silicone product is perfect for that freshening effect and pep of your makeup, especially mid-day.

I am impressed with Mally Beauty and feel these were worthy additions to my daily makeup. I do know that QVC carries a lot of great deals and kits, Ulta has a try me kit and if you are interested do try these out first to see if you like the products. Give it a whirl girls, I think you will like them and if you have tried these and have different experiences do tell! Sherry

Cover FX

My foundation and base quest continues. I have read about Cover FX on many blogs, reviews and Sephora website. I had a sample of their primer and loved it! So I decided that their base would be something I would like to try. I swatched it in Sephora and loved how it felt on my hand. I also found out that it works really well for normal to dry skin, although I have heard that oily skinned ladies love it even more.

The first time I wore it, I felt it was drying on my skin even as it smoothed on well and blended out superbly. The second time I wore it I was ambivalent. I have grown to love it and it is easy and quick to apply in the morning on my way to work. The older I get the more I want sheer and natural skin looking bases and not mask like looks. So far this has proven to be a medium to full coverage and I can sheer it out quite well. It has some impressive lasting power and that says a lot for someone who works 12 hour shifts!

Overall ladies, I am impressed with Cover FX. I am not sure I will repurchase but am glad that I tried it and was able to put it to the test. Ladies have you tried Cover FX? What are your thoughts? Do you have tips on how to wear it? Do tell! Sherry

Caudalie Favorites Try me Kit

It is a wonderful thing when you find the wonderful kits that give you a taste of a brand product. I have purchased Caudalie products before and loved them, but I don't love the prices! This kit has some awesome items and actually last quite some time. My favorite is the beauty mist, it smells awesome, gives my face a glow and actually makes me feel decadent when I use it! This kit includes: Lip Conditioner, Hand and Nail Crème, Divine Oil, Beauty Elixir, Cleansing Water.

I have purchased this before and this is my second one. The lip conditioner is smooth and is a staple in my handbag. The Divine Oil is perfect after shaving my legs and only takes a little to cover both legs. I don't usually use cleansing water but this one smells wonderful and is the last step in my cleansing. The hand and nail crème stays in my backpack for work, as a nurse I wash my hands often and this is perfect for dry hands. I have already talked about the beauty elixir and loooovvvveee this product! It refreshes, tightens and energizers me mid-day.

It is available at Sephora and in my opinion is a great buy. Have you tried Caudalie? What are your favorite kits from Sephora? Do tell! Sherry

Night View Glasses-Migraine Essentials

Oh the as seen on tv offerings! Yes I succumbed, primarily because I suffer from severe migraines and bright flashing lights are a bane to my existence and a number one trigger. I decided while browsing the aisles of CVS waiting on my prescriptions, that it would be worth it to try these. At $9.99 it was going to be hit or miss and if they worked then the 10 bucks was worth it! So off to the register I went, I had them for a week before I remembered I bought them and put them in a glasses case and put them in the car and promptly forgot again.

One night on the way home from work I was squinting and put on my sunglasses to cut the glare. It then occurred to me that I had the night vision glasses. I put them on and wow what a difference they made! Yes I felt like I looked like a goober wearing them, but decided then and there that goober was better than migraine hell. Ladies, these work. I was able to drive home without squinting or avoiding bright billboards, emergency vehicle lights and those dang halogen headlights that make me cringe.

If you suffer from migraines or eyestrain and twilight or evening hours make you dread your drive, grab you a pair of these and see if you don't love them! Now I am never without these on as I navigate the night driving and really what price is worth (or looking like a goober) the ability to see clearer and prevent migraine hell. Priceless in my book.

I know this post is off the normal topics I usually post but one I felt I wanted to share! Have a good one ladies :) Sherry

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A giveaway going on at Addicted to all Things Pretty!

The beautiful Krissy at is hosting a L'Occitane giveaway! Haul butt ladies over there and check out her blog and her giveaway! Good luck :) Sherry

Watch this space for a 500 follower giveaway!

I have been really blessed with some awesome ladies following my blog and it has grown beyond my wildest expectations! So on the day that I hit 500 followers I have a really exciting giveaway. So be sure and keep an eye out ladies because I want to share some kick ass products with the blogging community. I never expected to get this far and can't wait to see the growth that happens in the future.

Thank you to all who follow me now and read my posts and comment. Ya'll totally rock! Sherry

Lip Monthly monthly bag

Left Clockwise:
City Color Magic Balm
Jessies's Girl Liquid Glass in Gypsy
City Color Be Matte in Phoebe
Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in Gentle Gold
City Color Lip Balm in Ultra Pink

Lip Monthly is a monthly lippie subscription that gives full size products. This is my second month and this month they gave a zip makeup nag instead of the box like last month. I was pleasantly surprised to have the makeup bag and loved that they stepped up their game! I have never known the band City Color and overall love the products.

The Magic Balm looked like a straight up balm but when worn is like a "mood lippie" and when worn was a bright pink that I fell in love with immediately! It is in my pocket at work :). The Jessie's Girl liquid glass is a bit sticky and yet a beautiful color. Because my nickname is Gypsy it was a definite keeper! The City Color matte lippie is pretty but I am not partial to matte because I have "old" lips but was surprised that this wore well. The City Color Lip Balm in Ultra Pink was very pretty and wore well and pink and lighter lippies are great for older lips and brightened my face quite well. Last but not least the Pixi stick in Gentle Gold was not too glittery and added light to my face. Overall this bag was awesome and I will use each and every lippie included.

Have you checked out the Lip Monthly offering? What are your thoughts? Do tell! Sherry